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By the people,
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The Weber County Republican Party is dedicated to help our Republican community to find accurate information about the party as well as the candidates that are running for any political capacity. 

County GOP 

Central Committee Meeting 

Please have ID ready when checking in.
Tuesday, January 10, 2023
Credentialing begins at 5:00 PM
Meeting starts 6:00 PM

Agenda to come soon!

No motions have been submitted for the agenda at this time.

Please come early so we can get everyone credentialed and in the meeting so we can start on time! 

Please have your ID and precinct ready before credentialing

"Whenever you do something, act as if all the world were watching."

- Thomas Jefferson -

2022 Convention

House District 10
Jill Koford - 56 (76.71%)

Lorraine Brown - 17 (23.29%)

Jill will advance to the primary ballot with Lorraine, who gathered enough signatures.

State School Board District 2

Joseph Kerry - 288 (60.50%)

Lewis Johnson - 82 (17.23%)

Scott Hansen - 106 (22.27%)

Joseph Kerry advances to the general election.

County Attorney

Chris Allred wins by acclimation with 526 votes. He will win another term as County Attorney.

County Sheriff

Ryan Arbon - 494 (89.98%)

Kevin Burns - 55 (10.02%)

Ryan Arbon wins a new term as the County Sheriff.

County Clerk/Auditor

Ricky Hatch - 425 (77.55%)

Toby Mileski - 123 (22.45%)
Ricky Hatch will advance to the primary with Toby, who gathered enough signatures.

County Commission Seat B
Bill Olson - 175 (32.05%)

Phillip Swanson - 134 (24.54%)

Bren Edwards - 130 (23.81%)

Sharon Arrington Bolos - 107 (19.60%)

Because Bill was a convention-only candidate and received more than 30%, he will advance to a primary against Sharon Arrington Bolos, who gathered enough signatures.

County Commission Seat A

Gage Froerer - 304 (55.37%)

Shanna Francis - 245 (44.63%)

Both will advance to a primary race.

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